Our structure

As Scotland’s largest construction trade association, SELECT has a clearly defined structure in which its Members play a key role in strategy, governance and decision-making. 

SELECT Branches 

SELECT is split into eight different Branches covering the whole of Scotland: 

Upon acceptance, new Members automatically join their local Branch and are allocated a dedicated Member Representative. 

The eight Branches meet regularly at Branch Updates, which are also attended by members of the Presidential Team, SELECT Directors and representatives from SECTT. 

Branch Updates are also the starting point for communications which flow to the Management Team and onwards to the SELECT Management Committee and Central Board. 

Branch Officers 

Each SELECT Branch has a Chair, a Vice-Chair and, depending on the number of Branch Members, a 3rd or 4th Representative. These officers are elected annually at the Branch AGM. 

Presidential Team 

The SELECT Presidential Team is made up of three members, as follows: 

  • President 
  • Vice-President
  • Immediate Past President. 

The President is elected at the SELECT AGM and is usually in post for two years. In addition, SELECT can also appoint a Depute Vice-President. 

Central Board

Central Board is SELECT’s main decision-making body, responsible for setting and implementing SELECT policy, much like a company board.  

Made up of the Presidential Team, elected Branch Officers, senior SELECT staff and co-opted conveners of the various SELECT committees, it meets four times a year. 

To help with governance and decision-making, SELECT also has a number of others committees that make recommendations and feed in to Central Board:

  • Management Committee 
  • Electrotechnical Committee 
  • Training and Skills Development Committee 
  • Employment Affairs Committee 
  • Major Contractors Forum 
  • Registration Board 
  • Finance Sub-Committee 

Find out more 

Further details of SELECT’s structure and operations are available in our brochure, Who are SELECT?