Technical services

Our technical services are a key benefit of membership, with an experienced team of electrical professionals on hand to advise on every issue. This understanding of what you need to do your job successfully is reflected in our comprehensive range of essential technical services. As well as our highly valued Technical Helpline, we offer: 


Our technical inspection service provides assistance to Members, non-Members and their clients alike, dealing with electrical or electrically-related problems quickly and efficiently. Our service is UKAS and ISO9001 accredited, with our team of Technical Advisers ensuring that Members’ work continues to meet the required standard. Such inspections also give Members the chance to seek advice on any technical issues. 


To keep Members in the loop, we regularly issue technical circulars containing the latest updates and guidance, which are shared through our monthly newsletter. In addition, we provide access to a comprehensive online technical resource for Members to browse. 

Toolbox Talks 

Held every year at venues across Scotland and online during the COVID-19 pandemic, our ever-popular Toolbox Talks are free for Members to attend and focus on current and relevant technical topics. 


We have developed a growing series of helpful technical update videos, available on our YouTube channel and our exclusive Members-only video library, SELECT TV. 

Stationery and certificates 

SELECT provides a range of stationery and electrical certification products in paper format or electronically via our SELECTcerts software. You’ll find more details here.  


We deliver training courses on a range of technical subjects to ensure Members are familiar with the latest regulations and best practice. More details can be found here.