Holiday and welfare credit scheme 

A total of 27 out of 32 days holiday is included in our holiday and welfare credit scheme. Operatives should check that their employer is purchasing combined holiday and welfare credits for them, as this provides the cover for the industry’s sick pay scheme and life and accident insurance.  

Holiday credits are based on service in the industry. Holiday pay for Christmas, New Year and ‘winter week’ holidays are accumulated between the preceding May and September, ‘spring week’ between September and December and annual summer holiday between December and May. 

The five days of holiday not covered by the credit scheme are one day of spring holiday, one day of autumn holiday and the May Day holiday, plus a further two days for which employers are obliged to pay the normal hours that would have been worked on these days.  

Provided an employee is at work (or available for work) on the last working day before the holiday and the working day immediately following the holiday. 

Find out more 

We’ve created a holiday welfare credit scheme chart, which details the dates holiday credits are paid for the three holiday periods – Easter, summer and Christmas. Download the Holiday Welfare Credit Scheme Chart 2020/2021 here.