Holiday with pay scheme 

Unlike the holiday and welfare credit scheme, our holiday with pay scheme is designed to cover the full 30 days of holiday entitlement for all operatives.  

The scheme has been designed to make working out and paying holiday pay and top-up payments as easy as possible. It also gives Members more control over maintaining their own holiday pay for their business. 

Joining the scheme means that: 

  • Members can pay holiday pay money for both operatives and office staff 
  • Holiday pay can be paid in for the full 30 days’ holiday entitlement and also include all top-up payments 
  • Member businesses can pay as much as they want into the scheme for holiday pay, at a time in the month that suits them 
  • Members can withdraw money from the scheme when they require it. This makes it more flexible for paying people out at different times of the year, instead of being restricted to three rigid payouts on the holiday credit scheme.