TCW provides innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for Asset Management and Compliance arenas across numerous sectors and to over 1.2 million properties.

The unique technology provides granular insight into quality assurance, competence, and compliance. TCW extracts and analyses data from any digital PDF, providing a single location for all compliance certificates and reports, produced by any certification tool. This includes the “Big 6’ within property management, but there are 100 different compliance disciplines within the software from gas, electric, asbestos, fire, DDA, legionella, CCTV, invoicing … the list goes on.

Giving clients the ability to unlock the strategic value of their data is a game-changer. The software automatically checks all essential data alongside regulations and client-specific requirements. Through the grading systems, clients are equipped with a continuous monitoring process, flagging red assets when their Corporate Risk Profile increases from the information received from their workforce/contractors.

This transparency turns previously unsearchable data into a database of knowledge, to facilitate data-driven lifecycle planning. Organisations can now focus on managing the risk as opposed to finding it, enabling proactive risk-reducing and cost-effective decisions. Investment strategies can now be made based on fact, not assumptions.

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