Power Quality Expert

Power Quality Expert has been established in the UK since 2016 where we have earned a reputation as experts in the analysis of power quality and specialist providers of Power Quality and Harmonic Surveys, BS:EN50160 Compliance Reports, UNIPEDE assessments, Energy Load Profiling and Power Quality Training.  We are also the authorised representative and import agents for Polish test equipment manufacturer Sonel and Italian sub-metering and energy management system manufacturer Electrex.  

Our Power Quality Clinic provides access to a remote portal driven power quality consultancy service.  This service has been designed for electrical contractors and engineers who want to submit their own power quality survey measurements for review and allows us to produce a range of power quality reports, from our intuitive Power Quality Health Check report to more comprehensive Power Quality Reports and Harmonic Assessments.  

Power Quality Expert are stakeholders on the government Department for Energy Security and Net Zero managed Energy Technology List for our range of Sonel PQM power quality analysers and Sonel MPI prosumer installation multifunction testers and Electrex energy analyser and power quality energy analyser sub-meters.

We have also achieved full PADS approval with Network Rail for our fault loop impedance meter Sonel MZC-306 for use in testing the signalling power feeders on their 650V railway electrification network.

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