LINIAN create innovative, UK manufactured, easy to install products that can save time, money and lives. LINIAN’s range of easy install, 18th Edition compliant cable clips includes the LINIAN FireClip – the original single-component fire-rated fixing. Plus, the SuperClip – for SWA cables, bunched cables and conduit, the T&E Clip – for flat twin, cpc cabling and trunking, and the Coaxial Clip – for CCTV, AV and Satellite TV installations. In 2021, LINIAN launched the NanoClip, the company’s first innovation-to-order range designed for fibre cables and other small diameter cables. 

LINIAN now has over 115 cable fixing products ensuring a fast, safe and simple solution to suit thousands of different cable types, with no need for screws, plugs, cleats or shot-fired clips. LINIAN also produce innovative solutions for rapid Earth Rod installation - ideal for EV charging units, and their range is expanding to include solutions for the plumbing and DIY installer. 

LINIAN’s research and development team are continually working on new ideas. With innovation and safety at the heart of LINIAN, you can rest assured, LINIAN will be conquering problems you haven’t even encountered yet.

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