Flexel International have been manufacturing innovative electric heating systems and accessories to the world market from our factory in Glenrothes since 1978. 
Our range of solutions includes underfloor heating, ceiling heating, frost protection cables, mirror demister pads and far infrared heating panels. 
We pride ourselves in the high level of technical support and customer service we provide and are recognised as an authoritative brand leader in the field of electric radiant heating. 
With over 44 years of manufacturing and constant product review we have the experience needed to develop a system that meets your own individual needs.

Flexel brand names:

  • EcoFloor Mats - under tiles & stone.
  • EcoFlex Kits - under tiles & stone.
  • EcoFlex Loose Cable – under tiles & stone.
  • EcoFlex In-Screed Cables – intergrated as part of the sub-flooring.
  • EcoFilm Set - under laminate, LVT, SPC, timber and carpet.
  • EcoFilm Pro Kit - under laminate, LVT, SPC, timber and carpet.
  • EcoFoil – used in bathrooms with laminate, LVT and SPC.
  • EcoSun – a full range of far infrared heater products.
  • Demista – mirror demister heat pads.
  • EcoFloor Snow & Ice Mats – hard surface ice prevention mats.
  • EcoFlex PfP Cables – pipe freeze protection cables.

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