Aurora Lighting Group

The Aurora Lighting Group is a global lighting organisation headquartered in the UK. It has transitioned from a traditional lighting organisation to one at the forefront in the development of smart lighting, supported by continual investment in R&D and manufacturing. 

With more than 35 years experience, our vision is to enhance global efficiency and wellbeing with a focus on driving quality LED products and smart solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality sectors. 

We support the trade through a large wholesaler network by providing smart systems and a comprehensive range of quality LED lighting products.  

Aurora offers two smart lighting systems: AOne™ Connect.Control (Bluetooth) and AOne™ Zigbee.

Our plug and play (PnP) Bluetooth smart lighting range - Connect.Control™- is continuously expanding. This range offers lamps, strip kits, an RGB downlight and wireless battery dimmer switch.

The AOne Zigbee range, launched in 2018, covers power, lighting and control. It offers 1000+ smart lighting solutions using our ‘Smart Inside’ and ‘Make Smart with’ AOne products. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, our ‘smart inside’ devices include downlights, GU10’s and LED strip controllers. However, by simply installing AOne dimmers, each room can instantly become smart, controlled by a hub via the AOne app.

Both ranges enable users to add schedules and automate their homes. 

Aurora is dedicated to the R&D, engineering and manufacturing of innovative, smart, energy-saving LED solutions. We are proud to serve customers, via our global network, in more than 50 countries.

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